Ku-Ring-Gai Pest Control




                            The presence of rodents is usually determined by a scratching noise in the wall cavity or roof void or by evidence of droppings

                            inside the house.


                            Baits are placed in the roof and/or subfloor.



                                                                                Rodents have eaten out a junction box in the roof void






                        Bees or wasps (usually European wasps) may establish a hive in the wall cavity of your home.

                        This is usually determined by the bees/wasps entering the home via ventilation ducts, or small gaps around the

                        window frames. Sometimes you may be able to hear them buzzing in the wall cavity.


                        A beekeeper may be able to help you by removing the bees (not wasps) if they are in an accessible area

                        (such as outside on a tree branch).


                        If inaccessible, call us to kill the bees/wasps.  A permethrin dust is blasted into the cavity via a small gap between the

                        mortar and bricks.


                        This dust remains within the wall cavity and eventually dissipates. It will not enter your home unless there is a vent or

                        exhaust fan near the site.  Cover the vent/fan using cardboard and tape until after the treatment.


                        To make an appointment for a termite inspection/treatment, general pest treatment or to obtain further information on

                        prices and warranties phone us on Tel: (02) 9456-2378



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