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                                        Termite (White Ant) Inspections and Reports


                                        It is strongly recommended that a full termite inspection be carried out every 6 -12 months. 

                                        The areas of inspection are the subfloor, interior, roof void, exterior, grounds, fences and garage.


                                        Regular inspections DO NOT STOP timber pest attack, but are designed to limit the amount of

                                        damage that may occur by detecting problems early.


                                        No property is safe from termites.

                                        Statistics from State Forests show that termites attack 1 in 5 homes at some stage in its life.

                                        Australia's subterranean termite species (white ants) are the most destructive timber pests in the world.

                                        Your home provides natural shelter and a food source for termites.


                                        They can travel up to 100 metres underground. Even concrete slabs do not act as a barrier.  

                                        Termites can penetrate through cracks in the concrete slab and concrete edging covered by pavers,

                                        paths and gardens to gain access to your home.


                                        Termites form nests in all sorts of locations and are usually not visible.

                                        There may be more than one nest on your property.

                                        Termites love various hardwood and softwood species.  These timbers are used in buildings.


                                        When you have an inspection, please ask us about installing termite monitoring stations which you

                                        may check yourself. Termite Baiting


                                        If you have active termites a chemical treatment may be required.  Treatment Options  Termidor Brochure


                                        To make an appointment for a termite inspection/treatment, general pest treatment or to obtain

                                        further information on prices and warranties phone us on Tel: (02) 9456-2378


                                        Please look at our photo page to see how much damage termites can do. Photos



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