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                       Termite Treatment Options

                        It is very important that you DO NOT disturb any termite workings, leads, galleries, etc.

                        Do not spray with household insecticides, or wipe away any mud packing.

                        If you disturb the termites then treatment procedures may be rendered ineffective.


                        Complete Treatment: This is the preferred option for managing termites on your property. 

                        Chemicals used are Termidor TERMIDORClick on the link to find out more information about this product.


                        External Perimeter Only Treatment:

                        Since termites enter through the soil the Australian Standard requires all soil next to the structure to be treated (both under the

                        floor/slab and around the external perimeter of the property).


                        Termite Baiting:

                        With our termite monitoring and baiting system there is No high priced, fixed contract, nor are you locked into a service agreement. 

                        PAYG - you pay as you go.


                        If you decide on having a baiting system, you pay for the supply and installation of the baits.  You may then get us to check

                        these baits on a regular basis (at an agreed price) or you may wish to check the baits yourself. 


                        The Termite Baiting System is a Monitoring and Baiting System designed to concentrate termite feeding in specific locations. 

                        Once feeding has been concentrated at the Monitoring Stations, the Monitoring Device in the Stations is treated with Termidor Dust.


                        Like all termite management systems, this baiting system is NOT a guaranteed method of termite control. 

                        The Australian Standard AS 3660.2-2000 Termite Management–In and Around ExistingBuildings and Structures provides

                        details for minimising the risks to buildings from termite attack and methods of treatment to control termite infestations. 

                        It also advises that termite attack cannot be prevented completely and regular inspections are required. 

                        The termites, if found can then be eliminated.



                        There is no way of PREVENTING termite attack. The Australian Standard AS3660 advises that "the provision of a complete

                        termite barrier will impede and discourage termite entry into a building. It cannot prevent termite attack.

                        Termites can still bridge or breach barriers but they can be detected more readily during routine inspections."


                        To make an appointment for a termite inspection/treatment, general pest treatment or to obtain further information on prices

                        and warranties phone us on Tel: (02) 9456-2378


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