Ku-Ring-Gai Pest Control



                    Carpet Beetle

                    Carpet beetle usually occurs around the edges of your carpet and under or near heavy furniture.


                    Prior to treatment, please vacuum floors.  Also it is best to move furniture so the edges of the carpet/floor can be treated. 

                    The contents of the vacuum cleaner will be treated as it may contain larvae and eggs.


                    After treatment we advise you not to vacuum for one week.




                    Mites: Mites occur when birds have vacated their nest. The mites need a host to live on and can enter your home from the

                    roof void or ceiling via the vents.


                    We can fog inside your home to kill the mites. A fine mist remains and you must vacate your home for at least 3-4 hours and

                    cover fish tanks or any electrical equipment such as stereos.


                    The first step to help prevent birds nesting in your roof is to have a handyman remove any nests and bird proof the eaves

                    (usually using chicken wire).


                    To make an appointment for a termite inspection/treatment, general pest treatment or to obtain further information on prices and

                    warranties phone us on Tel: (02) 9456-2378



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