Ku-Ring-Gai Pest Control

                    General Sprays                 

                    A general spray can be carried out to help control black ants, cockroaches and webbing spiders inside your home.

                    We use deltamethrin and/or permethrin to treat the roof void, subfloor, inside the house, along the bottom level of bricks around

                    the perimeter of the house and under the eaves.

                    You do not have to remove items from your kitchen cupboards unless you have an infestation of cockroaches or you wish

                    to 'spring clean'. You do not even have to leave home when this spray is carried out. The spray leaves only a slight, not

                    unpleasant odour.

                    Please note that termites (white ants) and/or funnel webs are not included in this spray.



                    We apologise we no longer provide a service to trap/release possums.

                    The National Parks & Wildlife Act states that possums are to be live-trapped, are not to be left without food and water,

                    and are not to be left in traps for more than 24 hours. Except when temperatures are expected to exceed 30 degrees centigrade,

                    trapped possums must be checked before 10am. They must be released unharmed upon the property or within 50 metres of that

                    property on which captured after sunset. Possums are protected animals. Contact the NP&WS for information.

                    If you find a possum, which is injured contact, your local WIRES volunteer.


                    To make an appointment for a termite inspection/treatment, general pest treatment or to obtain further information on prices and

                    warranties phone us on Tel: (02) 9456-2378


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